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What is JTimeTracker?

JTimeTracker serves to track your work hours. It does not force you to use a stop watch approach (measure the time you spend on various tasks by starting/stopping a timer). Instead, it asks you in configurable intervals what you've done and creates a logbook entry from your answers. If you wish, you can create different templates for logbook entries, in case you e.g. wish to record different data items for different projects.

JTimeTracker can export all collected data to MS Excel (tm) files for further analysis. Additionally, some basic bar charts are available within JTimeTracker, e.g. work hours per day/week/month/year or work hours per kind of logbook entry (e.g., per project).

JTimeTracker's user interface supports a variety of languages and some different Look & Feel options (see screenshots below).

For more information, see:

Some screenshots (functionality overview)

Templates panel
The Templates panel
Logbook panel
The Logbook panel
Evaluation panel
The Evaluation panel
Templates Editor panel
The Templates Editor panel
Options panel
The options panel
Help panel
The Online Help

Some screenshots (Look & Feel overview)

Kunststoff Look & Feel
Kunststoff Look & Feel
Skin Look & Feel, Standard Theme
Skin Look & Feel, Standard Theme
Skin Look & Feel, Aqua Theme
Skin Look & Feel, Aqua Theme
Skin Look & Feel, XPLuna Theme
Skin Look & Feel, XPLuna Theme

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